3 a.m.

By Madi Zanardelli  I’m Afraid to sleep,  I’m not scared of the dark  It’s not a fear of dreaming. I’m Afraid to wake up. to start another day  to repeat another cycle  I’m Afraid to rise in the morning.  to drudge through another formless day   to scramble through school, lost in a screen  I’m AfraidContinue reading “3 a.m.”

Powered By The Sea

By Madi Zanardelli  Composed of many intricate parts, windmills have a simple function, yet they have a huge impact in the field of renewable energy. In recent years, offshore wind farms have seen a spike in popularity. Using the constant, unobstructed wind from the seas, offshore wind farms are able to more quickly produce reliableContinue reading “Powered By The Sea”