My Happiness

By Jacqui McLean  Happiness is staying up late  Waking up even later  And playing all day  Happiness is trips to the beach  Sunscreen smeared faces  And the relaxing sound of the waves   Happiness is campfire songs  Telling scary stories And toasting the perfect marshmallow  Happiness is late night drives  Blasting the latest tunes  And gettingContinue reading “My Happiness”

Home Run Season

By Jacqui McLean  As covid cases alleviate in the U.S., Americans experience a small return to normalcy, with many activities, such as college sports, becoming available to the public again. My personal favorite, college softball, began in February. Although this season might look a little bit different than most, it is exciting to see collegeContinue reading “Home Run Season”

Global Response to Trump Ban

By Jacqui McLean After President Trump’s social media ban in January there was a whirlwind of responses. Across the world, opinions differed as to whether it was the correct approach or a complete infringement of democracy and civil liberty. Trump was temporarily or permanently banned from numerous platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, Snapchat,Continue reading “Global Response to Trump Ban”

Covid vs. Movie

By Jacqui McLean Of the many things Covid-19 disrupted, the movie industry does not seem paramount. However, movies support the global economy like no other, creating millions of jobs, revenue, and companies. The disruption in movie production and distribution caused cascading effects on producers and consumers.   Avid movie watchers were disappointed to hear that dozensContinue reading “Covid vs. Movie”

Big Game

By Jaqui McLean The pressure’s on  Game on the line  3-2 count  It’s the bottom of nine  Time slows down  Stepping into the box  Take one final swing  Rile up the jocks