Caldor Fire

By Isabella Brady Starting on August 14, 2021, the Caldor fire rapidly engulfed California’s El Dorado forest and threatened the homes surrounding South Lake Tahoe. Currently, the fire has exceeded 50 days, and 221,775 acres in both the El Dorado and Alpine counties. 91% contained, the historic fire continues to wreak havoc on California inhabitants.Continue reading Caldor Fire

The Taliban Seizes Kabul

By Isabella Brady Sunday, August 15th marked the end of the two-decade U.S. campaign to amend Afghanistan, as Taliban fighters swept into the capital. Having previously claimed nearby urban centers, the group gained executive command following President Ashraf Ghani’s exile; wielding the collapse of political order.  The rapid domination of the Sunni-Islamist national group leftContinue reading “The Taliban Seizes Kabul”


By Isabella Brady Located in San Jose, the Bay Area Glass Institute is home to many opportunities for novice and advanced glassblowers. With the ability to rent facilities, or take a class, the studio is perfect for learning a new hobby, or hosting a social event with friends. From glassblowing, to coldworking, there are aContinue reading “BAGI”

Four No More!

Four No More! By Isabella Brady March 26th was a big day for Alexa, who turned five! Alexa was Birthday Friends club’s first birthday celebration, and was a great success! Representatives met with her family to make the big hand off, including a cake, grocery money, gifts, decorations and more!  After careful consideration, Birthday FriendsContinue reading “Four No More!”

No More Reese’s?

By Isabella Brady What may appear as a harmless, obscure ingredient, has quickly dominated some of America’s favorite snacks and treats, with chronic consequences. Tertiary Butylhydroquinone, marked on the ingredient list as TBHQ, is a classic example of an inexpensive preservative that resembles the properties of an antioxidant; and one which should be diligently avoided.Continue reading “No More Reese’s?”