Bungo Stray Dogs

By Adam Sarsfield Bungo Stray Dogs is a Mystery, Action Fiction, Occult Fiction anime series that spans over three seasons and one movie. The Series has a wide cast of characters and is quite a thriller. Atsushi Nakajima is trying to survive while being homeless when he comes across a body floating down a river.Continue reading “Bungo Stray Dogs”

Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!

By Adam Sarsfield Konosuba has been rated M for Mature for having explicit language, sexual themes, and sexualized imagery. If you are uncomfortable with any of the items listed, be wary or don’t watch this anime.  Kazuma Satou is your average introverted 17 year old shut-in who rarely leaves his room for anything besides school.Continue reading “Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!”


By Adam Sarsfield Satoru Fujinuma is a 26 year old man just trying to live his life working at a local pizza parlor. He possesses a supernatural ability that allows him to go back in time to his childhood. While shopping at a local supermarket, Satoru comes across an old newspaper from his childhood, reportingContinue reading “Erased”

Juice Wrld

By Adam Sarsfield Born on December 2, 1998, growing up in Calumet Park, and later moving to Homewood Higgens, Jarad Higgens was a native of Illinois. Jarad Higgens’s father left his mother when Higgens was only 3 years old. Living in a religious household, Higgens never listened to hip-hop or rock music. However, once heContinue reading “Juice Wrld”