Warriors Football

By Gavin Bowyer and Wyatt Spears On Friday, September 8, 2023, Westmont JV and Varsity Football both won respectively 14-7 and 21-7, triumphing over Prospect. Our Wide Receiver, Christian Moore (JV), and Running Back Spencer Hoang (Varsity Captain) made a multitude of excellent plays throughout their games, ultimately allowing their teams to achieve victory. TheContinue reading “Warriors Football”

Water Polo Pride

By Kendall Albrecht Starting off the season with a splash, Westmont’s girls’ water polo team won their first game against San Lorenzo High School, and took home two wins at the SLV tournament. The team, lead by captains Amanda Tran and Rachel Tang, look forward to a promising season. Freshman Maya Bourne says, “I reallyContinue reading “Water Polo Pride”

Tumbling for Touchdowns

By Kendall Albrecht After cheering on the football team during their victory against Prospect, Westmont’s varsity sideline cheer team—coached by Kelly Sutton and Shayann Hayes— prepared to pump up the spirit throughout the season. Creating exciting halftimes and perfecting dozens of cheers and chants, the cheerleaders excitedly showcase their Warrior pride at both home andContinue reading “Tumbling for Touchdowns”

Cross Country

By Sophia Doan and Nadia Rivas  Cross Country. It’s a sport misunderstood and scoffed at by everyone who doesn’t do it. “Why do you run?” “Do you like cross country?” are questions runners get daily. Westmont has a cross-country team this year bigger than it’s been in a long time. This season the team plansContinue reading “Cross Country”

Women’s Volleyball Team Killin’ it On and Off the Court

By Marina Halbert This year’s fall sports at Westmont have been extremely successful so far, despite turnovers in coaching and the loss of last year’s seniors. The Women’s Volleyball team is no exception. Boasting 12 players, seven of whom are returning Varsity players, and 3 players who have been on Varsity as long as they’veContinue reading “Women’s Volleyball Team Killin’ it On and Off the Court”