Shooting Up Lies

By Alex Gryciuk Substance abuse and addiction within the United States exists as a significant issue. Collectively pushed to the back of society’s consciousness, drugs are only talked about a few times in health class in school. Through programmed forgetfulness, millions of American Citizens consequently face drug abuse and unfortunate mortality from overdose and repetitiveContinue reading “Shooting Up Lies”

A Poetic Masterpiece

By Kendyl Brower My favorite poet is Taylor Swift. Like any other established poet, her works include various literary devices, thought-provoking rhyme schemes, and carefully chosen diction that elevate her songs from radio hits to true art. Though her melodic tunes and beautiful voice always hit the mark, thoughtful lyricism sets her apart from theContinue reading “A Poetic Masterpiece”

FYP at The Met

By Emma Kidger  Ranging from talk of the theme to critique of fashion, the 2021 Met Gala brought back conflicting reviews on the annual fashion event. One of the biggest conversations surrounding the Met specifically focused on the attendees. While many Met lovers were not surprised to see figures like model Kendall Jenner or, ofContinue reading “FYP at The Met”