Thankful 4 Pan

By Diego Mantelli

My favorite memory of my abuelito, or my grandpa, is every Sunday morning. While everyone else was getting ready for church, I got to sit in the front seat of his old pickup truck as we drove to the nearby Mexican bakery, picking up two dozen Pan Dulce. For those who don’t know what Pan Dulce is, it is essentially a mexican donut, with colored sugar both inside and on the outside.

I’m thankful for Pan Dulce because, firstly, it always gave me the opportunity to bond with my abuelito, who I didn’t get to see very often. And second, nothing beats a warm concha in the morning, watching the sunrise and the fog burn away, while holding a cup of hot choco to dip the pan in. The memories I have with pan dulce will last a lifetime, and for that, I am forever thankful.