Warrior Fashion With Jimmy Nguyen

By Marina Halbert

Jimmy Nguyen’s incredible style has taken Westmont by storm since he transferred from Vietnam at the beginning of the year. An accomplished thespian, gifted singer, and popular fashionista, Nguyen is talented in many arenas. As Nguyen saunters across campus, he is frequently spotted wearing a big leather jacket and headphones. Hopefully we can shed some light on where Jimmy gets his fashion sense, and figure out how to capture some of the natural shine that Jimmy has everywhere he goes.  

What are 3 words that describe your style?

According to a journalism census- “Attention-catching,” “put-together,” and “timeless.”

Do you have any fashion icons?

@vicocasden and @vuongdustin.

What is your favorite item in your closet?

My favorite item in my closet is definitely the pair of dark wash flare jeans. I love the high-waist and how it accentuates my legs. Another piece of item is an ascot that would make almost any outfit look ready-to-go.

Where do you buy your clothes?

I try to thrift as much as I can, but I also love some J-Crew, Banana Republic and Tommy Hilfiger. Any brand that provides simple articles of clothing that could work with many combinations of outfits.

What’s your favorite fashion trend?

We must bring back men’s crop tops from the 70s and the timeless, gender neutral bell-bottoms.

And your least favorite fashion trend?

Skinny jeans can never return to the market and our economy won’t miss it.

Do you have any fashion tips for fellow warriors?

Invest in and choose pieces with your desired “genre” and color palette to help build an efficient closet. Don’t forget to add accessories and sell your look.