Hungry for Horror

By Weston Kelly and Blake Kim

Orphan: 8/10

Orphan, a thrilling and suspenseful movie, definitely had us sitting on the edge of our seats. The story takes a drastic turn in the last 30 minutes, entirely upheaving everything you thought you once knew. Although not very scary, it was still extremely entertaining with a few jump scares and unexpected deaths. We give this movie an 8/10, only taking a point away due to the lack of adrenaline pumping moments. 

Parasite: 9/10

Dealing with the issues of class and wealth inequality, Parasite delves deep into a hilarious yet sinister plot of the Kim’s leeching off of a wealthy family, ultimately leading to their demise. Watching the sly family sneak around the Park’s massive house kept us completely engaged and hoping the Kim’s would not get discovered. The climax was extremely entertaining with an end no one could have expected. Although not technically a horror movie, (more of a thriller) we could not find any problems with this movie, resulting in a 9/10 due to the genre.

Silence of the Lambs: 10/10

Not only does Silence of the Lambs have incredible actors, an exceptional script, and one of the greatest plots ever, it also has an eerie ambience with the frequent close-ups on character’s faces and the iconic Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter. FBI agent Clarice Starling, played by Jodie Foster? utilizes Hannibal’s off-putting fondness for her as a tool to catch a serial killer. Hopkins absolutely enveloped himself in his role by rarely blinking and speaking with a subtly psychotic tone, fitting Hannibal’s violent history as a cannibalistic psychiatrist. The story unfolds slowly at first, revealing small bits of information at a time, building up to the terrifying climax. A phenomenal movie, Silence of the Lambs deserves all 10 points we gave it.  

Sinister: 10/10

Sinister is probably both of our favorite horror movies, with frightening jumpscares and a captivating plot. What Ellison goes through is nothing short of horrific, constantly keeping us on edge. The addition of Mr. Boogie awnd his manipulation of children really pulls everything together, which creates this truly fantastic, yet sinister movie. From both of us, Sinister receives a 10/10 for both the scare factor and plot in general. 

Hereditary: 7/10 The gripping yet disturbing scenes from Hereditary provide an enjoyable horror experience, leaving you on edge. Peter, the anxious brother, unwillingly takes his little sister, Charlie, to a party, where she eats cake and has an allergic reaction. As he frantically speeds towards the hospital Charlie sticks her head out the window to aid her breathing. A dead deer blocks the roads and he swerves around it, passing right by a telephone pole. Charlie’s head flies off and leaves Peter traumatized. In order to cope with her loss, the mother Annie performs a seánce and invites an evil spirit into the house, terrorizing the family. This movie left us speechless with its unpredictable deaths and incredible suspense buildups. Overall an above average horror movie, Hereditary gets a 7/10.