Commander the Dog and the Politics of Pets 

By Anjali Nayak 

It would be an understatement to say that marketing plays a large role in modern American politics. President Biden’s team has gone out of their way to paint the politician as a public paradox. Old? More like experience. Senile? A better word would be doting. 

But there seems to be one beast that stands in the way of Biden’s grandpa reputation. 

The United States Secret Service confirmed in October that Commander— Joe and Jill Biden’s two year old German shepherd— has been involved in 11 “biting incidents” at the White House. CNN reported afterwards that the number of victims is actually far more — he had bitten several more White House staffers afterwards. One of his attacks led to the “obstruction” of important Secret Service plans and policies. 

Commander the dog’s hijinx issued a new culture war in modern America. Republican supporters pointed to Biden’s “inability to train his dog” as proof that he also has an “inability to run the country.” Coupled with Hunter Biden’s filed firearm charges, opponents of Biden’s presidency have been able to funnel anecdotes and overall non-politically-related-factor into the upcoming presidential election.