Visiting Candlelight Concerts

By Anjali Nayak 

Hans Zimmer forever reigns as our favorite film composer. His electric soundtracks in The Lion King and Interstellar cement him as one of the greatest musicians in the modern day. Zimmer’s ability to articulate the most indescribable of moments through notes and key changes remains unmatched. 

When we saw that there was a Hans Zimmer Candlelight Concert tribute, we had to go. For those unaware, Candlelight Concerts are run by an organization that fills entire venues with candles of all shapes and sizes. In the middle, a quartet plays songs from catalogs of famous artists and movies. It seemed too good to be true. 

Maria Edrisinghe and I risked our life getting to San Francisco. Basically, we took the BART to get there. We got there in one piece and that’s all that matters.  Sitting in the venue with all of the candles was simply breathtaking, and thank God they weren’t all scented. Maria went on about how her allergies would definitely ruin the entire experience. The music was absolutely breathtaking, the string quartet brought us through the ebbs and flows of Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack. From Lion King to Interstellar we witnessed it all.