World Series Predictions

By Anjali Nayak and Eleanor Rodhouse 

This year’s postseason bracket is full of unlikely competitors. I cannot perfectly voice my surprise when I saw that the Orioles and the Diamondbacks were actually postseason competitors. To make predictions for the World Series, I decided to talk to my baseball buddy Eleanor Rodhouse. This might be in some way a means to hold myself accountable from hindsight bias. 

Ellie’s Prediction: Phillies vs Rangers 

The Phillies are going to eliminate the Braves. I would say the Diamondbacks, but they put way too much effort into the Dodger series. They are going to be way too worn out against the Phillies, but it will definitely be a good series. I don’t watch the American League that closely but I would absolutely love for the Astros to let their guard down,fall behind the Rangers series and end up losing. But the Astros have an insane offense, so who knows. They do have a lot of energy throughout the postseason. The Rangers are for sure my underdog team, and I really hope that they can beat the Astros. AND GM Bruce Bochy has a whole lot of experience with champion teams. He knows what it’s like to be in the World Series and it’s definitely a mindset. 

Anjali’s Prediction: Braves vs Astros 

If there is one thing that I’ve learned from watching baseball, it is that there is no justice. Karma does not exist in baseball. My pick for the World Series is classic good vs evil (Braves vs Astros);  I personally am very much rooting for the Braves. Their regular season run was insane, and it’s just going to keep on going. The Braves have momentum. They hit the most home runs and score the most runs. The Houston Astros are still World Series contenders. They have even more momentum. While they might not be as much of contenders as they used to be, they are not to be written off.