T-Swift Takeover

By Lili Metanovic 

With the NFL season starting up in the beginning of September, all that was needed to kick off the views and support was a Taylor Swift appearance. The attendance of the popstar at a football game was all the Swifties needed to urge them to watch something that is usually not catered towards them. But why was Taylor Swift at a football game, more importantly in support of the Kansas City Chiefs while she is an Eagles fan? 

If you saw them in their “Getaway Car” after the Chiefs vs. Bears game, then you would know that Taylor Swift has found “The Man” for her in the NFL. This mystery man just so happens to be star tight end for the Chiefs, Travis Kelce. Through the past couple of months, Kelce has made his interest in Swift not so much of a mystery. 

All boys, make sure to listen to the next few sentences you’re about to read because this is “How You Get The Girl”. As much as the outside world knows, Kelce has had a crush on Swift for a while and wanted to “shoot his shot” by attending one of her concerts. Like other Swifties, he made a friendship bracelet and brought it with him. Something about Kelce’s bracelet was different from the rest though; instead of adding a song lyric or his favorite song, he decided to put his phone number. The plan did not work “All Too Well,” because Swift never actually received the bracelet. Speculations kept occurring when Kelce would bring up Swift on his podcast with his brother, or his brother would bring her up. Nothing was fully established until Swift attended Kelce’s game on September 24 in the box with his family, friends, and, most importantly, Momma Donna. At this moment, the new pair hard launched what seems to be their relationship. 

Not only Kelce appeared to be ecstatic about this, but also the NFL. Throughout the game, they put Swift on viewers’ screens many times. The producers might’ve realized that wherever Swift goes, her Swifties follow. 

This new “Love Story” doesn’t end there, because after the game, Swift and Kelce were seen driving off into the sunset with one another. The picture that resulted in that Pinterest-worthy moment had all of us wanting to scream: “You Are In Love”! The support from Swift to Kelce in his career didn’t end there; she was seen attending a second game, accompanied by her best friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. 

Furthermore, in a recent interview Kelce states that he is “on top of the world” when asked about him and Swift. “Call It What You Want,” but it is obvious to see that the two make each other happy, so I personally am here for their success! Speaking of success… sales of Kelce’s jerseys, Chief sales in general,  and NFL game viewings have gone up since the first time Swift was put on the big screen. Because of Swift’s enormous fan base, the NFL is aware that she will help them financially in these times. Currently, Kelce and Swifties don’t have any “Bad Blood,” and I hope that stays the case. If it changed, he’d be a “Foolish One” and wouldn’t be able to face the backlash that would come from the many teenagers who worship Swift. So, to all of the girls that Kelce has loved before, say “Bye Bye Baby,” because “Long Story Short”; he is in his “Lover” era.