Old School with Riffle

By Averi Halbert and Marina Halbert

Where did you go to high school?

Gilroy as a freshman and Christopher High School right after it was built. I was the first graduating class from Christopher.

What was your school’s mascot?

The Christopher cougar. I remember they let us name it because it was a new school, and they ended up calling it Cooper or something stupid.

When did you graduate?


What was your favorite class in high school and why?

Probably choir; I remember the first year I did choir and I walked out the first day and thought it was so awesome. It affected my life too because I ended up being a music major and I still sing choir.

What was your most challenging class and why?

I had a hard time in my senior year in English because I was being a little lazy, so I took an on-level class with an evil teacher (Mark Rose). He was never happy and I was always snarky so I got a C in that class. 

What extracurricular activities were you involved in?

Choir, and I was in the off-season wrestling club.

Who were your favorite bands/artists/songs while in high school?

A lot of folk artists. I also liked Nine Inch Nails a lot when I was in high school, and rage against the machine. I still like Rage Against the Machine. I feel like my taste in music has changed so much since then! I was kind of emo.

What was your favorite tv show in high school?

The Office. I didn’t watch much TV back then, but The Office was my go-to.

What was your favorite movie while in high school? 

I really like Little Miss Sunshine. Watch that movie, it’s freaking great. It’s really funny, it’s like a dark comedy where this family drives from Tucson to LA in a beat-up van.

What was your favorite novel while in high school? 

Brave New World, I remember not liking most of the reading assignments I was given but I remember getting really wrapped up in that book and finishing it before it was due.

What are your favorite memories of high school?

I loved wrestling in high school. I made so many good friends through the wrestling team, and choir too.

What is your least favorite memory of high school?

When my friend group split up because some of us had to move from Gilroy High School to Christopher High School.  

What time did school start and end?

It definitely didn’t end as early or start as late as Westmont, I think it started at 8 a.m. and ended around 3:10 p.m.

What was your gpa?

Really good. I took AP classes and I was a nerd so probably like a 4.5. 

Did you receive any awards?

No, and it broke my heart. I remember it was the first time I cried in a long long time. 

How did you get to school (if you drove, what kind of car)?

I was driven for the first couple of years, but I started driving as soon as I could and had a Honda Civic.

Did you ever have to go to the dean or principal’s office? Why?

Yes, my freshman year a bunch of times. Probably like 4 times for being annoying in class.

Where did you like to shop as a teenager? 

I didn’t really shop very much, I tried to save money. 

What was your favorite food place while in High School?

There’s a breakfast place that’s still around in downtown Gilroy called OD’S and it’s so good.

What’s your favorite class to teach? 

I really like teaching calculus (sorry Math 2 students). I like teaching AP students because it feels like they really want to be there.

What’s your favorite color? 


What’s your favorite outfit to wear to school today? 

My patented Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and long socks. I really like my elk socks with the Native American pattern.

How long does it take to pick out an outfit? 

5 seconds. I literally grab the shirt that I want and any pair of shorts. Sometimes I match my socks to my shirt.

What have you been doing over the summer? 

I went to LA just for fun and went to a couple of Dodgers games. I also adopted a cat! She’s like a little housecat, her name is Sera.