No Escape

By Keira De Vita

You would think by now they would have it down. 

The pipeline of a “New York’s #1 Best Selling Author” translating their book into a movie is most absolutely real, and it remains one of the biggest tragedies in both literary history as well as film history. Failing one time after the next (all besides fairy tales of course, thank you Disney), a book series will push out the most disheveled movie that completely takes the original elements of writing, character development, and plot out of the film entirely. Take my earlier article reviewing Fahrenheit 451. With an underwhelming cast and zero clue as to what direction this movie should take, Fahrenheit 451 was no longer Fahrenheit 451. And do not lie to yourself… Harry Potter, although it left quite a legacy, it missed the mark on key details in the book, and failed to represent major plot defining emotions when translated to movie script. There is just no escape.

I am only a teenager, so I do not have any revolutionary plan to stop such monstrosities from continuing, but a good place to start is to stop. 

I am left frightened by my personal favorite book series A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder which was recently greenlit for a movie of its own along with a cast that hardly compliments the portal of the characters from what I and hopefully many other readers dreamt up in our heads. 

Fail after fail it leaves audiences such as myself clueless, you would think by now they would have it down.