By Sophia Doan & Donya Vandersteen 

Like most teenage girls, we adore Starbucks. Every last penny we have is spent on the large variety of drinks they have to offer whether it be an ice-cold refresher, sugary frappuccino, or a perfectly brewed coffee. Scrolling through Tik Tok or Instagram Reels, we see a lot of crazy drink combinations that we’ve always been hesitant to try. We decided to take the risk and try all of the wild drinks so you don’t have to! 

Name: Twix Frappuccino 

What we ordered: Chocolate cream frappe with 2 pumps of caramel and hazelnut syrup and mocha and caramel drizzle with mocha and caramel lined cup 

How much it cost: $6.65

Sophia’s ranking: 8/10

Donya’s ranking: 9.5/10

Have you ever imagined putting your favorite candy bar into a drink? This delectable frappuccino has the perfect blend of caramel, chocolate, and hazelnut giving it the signature Twix flavor. A chocolate milkshake with layers of heavenly flavors, the Twix Frappe was truly a delight. When we tried the drink, we both looked up at each other, mouths open and gasped. The whole walk home Donya raved about the unforgettable flavor, even saying “I’m going to dream about this drink tonight.” The drink is very rich, with lots of flavors. Our only note for the future would be to add Java chips and a little more caramel, but other than that it was a perfect drink for a craving or a sugar rush. If you love Twix as much as we do, TRY THIS DRINK!

Name: Sourpatch Refresher 

What We Ordered: Strawberry Acai Lemonade Refresher with 2 pumps of Classic Syrup 

How Much It Cost: $5.75

Sophia’s ranking: 1000/10 

Donya’s ranking: 1000/10 

The true definition of summer in a drink. The mouthwatering Sourpatch Refresher literally took our breath away. We didn’t expect much, seeing as it looked like a normal refresher. However, the drink was the perfect combination of sweet and sour with a burst of flavor that leaves your taste buds wanting more. Satisfyingly tangy, the drink takes you back to warm days lying under the sun and pink sunsets on the beach. This improved version of a simple refresher makes all the difference. From this day on, we will never go back to normal Strawberry Acai Refreshers, and we recommend that you don’t either. 

Name: Surprise Drink

What we ordered: Grande Iced Latte with oat milk, blonde espresso, 0.5 pumps of hazelnut, 0.5 pumps of brown sugar, 0.5 pumps of Toffee Nut, 0.5 pumps of Mocha, 0.5 pumps of White Mocha. 

How much it cost: 4.95 (he gave us a discount)

Sophia’s ranking: 6/10 

Donya’s ranking: 5/10

For our third drink, we asked the Starbucks barista to make us his favorite drink. He presented us with a delicious blend of crazy syrups and unique flavors added to a simple latte. Sophia exuberantly stated, “This is the best actual coffee I’ve ever had.” Overall, we aren’t coffee drinkers, but this combination took out the bitterness without being too sweet. Donya didn’t like it as much, coffee not being her favorite drink, but still agreed the flavor profile was on point. We highly recommend it, especially if you are a coffee addict.