New Staff: Rebecca Bachelor

Subject: English

College: UC Santa Barbara, San Jose State University

High School: Westmont High School

Place of Birth: Mountain View

Years in Education: 1

Pet Peeve(s): When people talk over each other and don’t listen when they are being spoken to.

Heroes: My mom, Mrs. Bachelor, who is ending her 32-year teaching career this year.

Favorite Song: “Silver Springs” by Fleetwood Mac

Most Influential Teacher: Mr. Haskett is the reason that I became an English teacher myself (true story)! The classes I took with him are still the most memorable classes I have ever taken and have inspired me and my teaching in so many ways.

Favorite Meal: Nachos

Gas Station Order: Large Diet Coke and a bag of nacho cheese Doritos.

Ideal Vacation: somewhere warm and sunny, like Hawaii or the British Virgin Islands.

A student needs…

an enjoyable high school experience full of support, fun, and good books!

A teacher is…

respectful to all and always learning.