New Staff: Gerald Zaplawa

Subject: Math (and life)

College: UC Santa Barbara

High School: Willow Glen High School

Place of Birth: Albuquerque, NM

Years in Education: 30

Pet Peeve(s): too many to write…

Heroes: A few of my university professors who guided me towards teaching, and a couple of colleagues who helped me through the first years of teaching.

Favorite Song: It depends on my mood.

Most Influential Teacher: Doug Edwards, my main mentor in my early years of teaching. He taught math for 40+ years, including 20+ years concurrently teaching at Mission College, coaching, and refereeing. He became a golf buddy and is still a dear friend.

Favorite Meal: Again, depends on my mood.

Gas Station Order: Not sure I know what this means…

Ideal Vacation: A mountain lake and plenty of trails to hike.

A student needs…

Someone who speaks directly to the student, not down to them. Someone who knows when to push and when to ease back, always keeping in mind growth is the goal.

A teacher is…

a blessing or a curse.