How to Ask a Girl to Homecoming

By Madeline Crowley

Have you been searching for a homecoming date this year and don’t know where to start? Sure, it can be intimidating to think about, but in reality it’s way simpler than you may think. You do not need any special kind of “W rizz” in order to ask a girl out to homecoming. All you need is a little bit of bravery, creativity, and thoughtfulness. However, it must be done in the right way. Here’s some of my best advice from a girl’s perspective.

Step 1: Find a girl – Make sure you choose a girl that you know pretty well. This could mean a girl that you have gotten to know well from one of your classes or another activity. It requires strong emotional intelligence to know how a girl feels about you so rather than worrying too much about that, just casually bring up the topic of homecoming around her to see how she responds. Don’t ask specifically about the dance or if she is going with anyone, maybe just start with asking her if she is excited for it. If she seems excited or enthused when talking about homecoming then that is a good sign. If it becomes awkward or quiet at all when bringing it up then maybe consider a different girl. Lastly, make sure that you guys have been friends or talking for at least a couple of weeks so that you feel comfortable around one another. 

Step 2: Creating a plan – While I don’t have much good advice from a guy’s perspective on talking to girls, I can say that most girls appreciate any attention they get from a guy as long as it’s sweet, so there is no need to be nervous. However, you must find the right moment to ask the girl to be your date and this requires planning. DO NOT ask them over text. That is about the most cliche thing you could possibly do and will turn the girl away immediately. Always ask in person. You must do something special if you want the best results and girls will find your thoughtfulness very attractive. Whether it be with a full blown poster and gift or a simple card, you must put some thought behind the ask. An important part of asking is knowing your girl well enough to know if she would enjoy being asked in public with a poster or whether that would be too embarrassing for her. If she is more introverted, then maybe consider asking her in a more private way. 

Step 3: Execution – If you do decide that your girl would appreciate a poster then that is the best possible way to ask because there are so many creative possibilities for it. You must come up with a creative slogan or phrase to ask them. The slogan should relate to some sort of interest of theirs, whether it be a music artist, song they like, food, or sport they play. It can be a creative play on their name or just as simple as a compliment. If you get stuck trying to come up with something then try searching homecoming poster ideas on pinterest and you will surely find something that fits for your girl. Then, make sure your poster is neat and aesthetically pleasing to show you put good effort into it. If you must, ask your mom or another creative person for help. Next, find a little gift or incentive to go along with the ask. This could be something like flowers, or chocolate, or something that you know your date-to-be enjoys. 

And finally, don’t be too nervous. Confidence is the most attractive trait. Most girls will be nice about it even if they don’t want to go with you. If you take all of these steps carefully and are thoughtful and creative you will be just fine.