Devastating Earthquake Hits Morocco

By Faith Gonia

Struck by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake on September 8, residents of Marrakesh, Morocco and surrounding areas are fighting to recover. Causing at least 2,100 individuals to pass away, the quake left an estimated 300,000 people in total affected. The extent of the damage authorities remain assessing. However, rescue teams have begun to provide supplies and seek signs of survival. 

Concerned, other countries have offered various forms of relief for the North African country. Although several nations make up the list of those willing to help, one stands out to many — Algeria. In 2021, Algeria concluded a historical rivalry with Morocco with the abrupt sever of ties. Opening its airspace to humanitarian and medical flights directed toward Morocco, Algeria has defied past relations between the two countries. Additionally, the Algerian Foreign Ministry expressed condolences for those struggling.

Furthermore, the powerful quake marks one of the most detrimental in Moroccan history. The 2023 earthquake recorded a 6.8 magnitude; the 1960 Agadir earthquake, 5.8. Nonetheless, statistics will continue to change. To compare the two proves inconclusive for the time being, as Morocco will require time to gain a full comprehension of the destruction caused by Friday’s quake. 

Media coverage from both cities and rural areas illustrates the overwhelming immediate damage present. Crumbling buildings, streets full of rubble — images of Morocco illustrate the severity of the quake’s effects.