Adventures of Alaska

By Sinchana Holla

With the tallest mountains in North America, glaciers galore, streams teeming with salmon, millions of acres of magnificent forests, and culture-rich cities, Alaska must be on your list. This past summer, my family and I stayed in Anchorage, Alaska for a week. We hiked a glacier, explored Denali National Park, and relaxed through experiencing the scenery. The glacier hike was a moderate 3-mile guided round trip. The views were indescribable as well as the vastness. 

Alaska’s untamed wilderness provides a habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. On a bus ride through Denali National Park, we spotted grizzly bears, moose, caribou, sheep, and many other species in their natural habitats. The most beautiful thing about Alaska in the summer is the two months of continuous sun.  Along the Arctic Circle, the sun does not set — south of that, it does, but there remains a twilight from when it sets to when it rises. 

Alaska is a unique place that deserves to be on your bucket list.