By Nupur Kudapkar

i walked downstairs for a glass of water 

it’s 12am and i sit myself on the countertop 

it’s a warm summer night and i realize 

that i’m closer to 18 than i am to 6 

when we moved into our home 

i see a glimpse of my younger self 

a ghost from the past 

a glitch in time

she runs in from the garage door doing acrobats all over the kitchen 

climbing on the countertops, dancing on the floor, getting snacks from the refrigerator 

she’s 6 and excited to go outside to try biking 

as she runs out the door 

i get off of the countertop 

i brush past her and she glitches as i walk upstairs 

i turn around to see her wide smile and i walk upstairs 

with my glass of water 

she disappears and i realize that nothing will ever be the same 


but in the best way possible 

growing up is not an adventure for the light hearted