The Pros and Cons of Being A Coffeeholic

By Anjali Nayak 

I do not sleep well. Whether it be from the biting stress of junior year or my inability to never stop thinking, I wake up every morning groggy and gross. Thankfully, there is one super substance that gets me through the day — caffeine. To the worry of practically everyone I know, I consume far too much caffeine. But honestly, I do not know how I could possibly survive a single school day without a seemingly healthy dose of caffeine each morning. Yet is my life as a caffeine aficionado worth the addiction? 

To be: 

I love the taste of coffee. On days I find myself completely unwilling to get out of bed, I simply remind myself of the rich taste of my favorite Peet’s coffee pods. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I spring out of bed, ready to take on the world the second I remember the beautiful blend of medium roasted coffee with drips of oatmilk. There’s nothing like the first sip — the moment I taste the flavorful burst of velvety coffee, my mind is cleared. I am officially ready to take on the world. 

Not to be: 

There is nothing worse than the fifteen minute panic of realizing the Nayak household has run out of coffee pods. In the very first moments of my morning, my day has been completely ruined. I am forced to usher into my fourth and first periods empty handed with a splintering headache and a depleting will to live. On luckier days, I make time to stop by the nearby Safeway to grab a caffeinated beverage. While I try to stay in the coffee aisle, my eyes soon wander towards the real culprit behind my caffeine addiction — Red Bulls. Who cares if Red Bulls taste like battery acid with hints of scented highlighters? The drink does more than simply provide a boost of energy to my morning. Red Bulls practically rewire the interlockings of my brain. No longer am I an anxious teen hesitant to take on the day, as I have transformed into a superhero ready to swoop into action. 

At least for the first hour and a half. 

See, the worst part about being a caffeine addict has to be the crash after an energetic burst of caffeine overload. In my third and sixth period classes, my eyes start to droop; the caffeine has worn off and so go the superhuman effects. As much as I would love to believe that caffeine is panacea for the average overachieving student, caffeine crashes force me to reckon with the lack of sleep and superfluous amount of stress I undergo on a daily basis. Truly and honestly, I would love to lessen my caffeine intake, but that might only be possible over the summer or once I have committed to a college.