The Odd One Out

By Keira De Vita

I write with my left hand. I cannot do anything normally; I exist in a world that, although it is not that big of a deal, is quite literally not made for me. Scissors, credit card machines, video game controls (AWSD and a mouse), coffee mugs, door handles, and even refrigerators. Complicating everyday tasks leaves me with gray or blue sides on my hands from pen smudges. 

Although I cannot write without special ink pens or on a whiteboard I love being a “southpaw”. Attempting to find the perfect angle to use right handed scissors with my left hand remains my life’s goal. The questions I get also amuse me; “so you are ambidextrous?”, or “YOU CAN USE BOTH HANDS TO CONTROL A MOUSE?” Things I have never even thought of come up in conversations with the most random people. So when asked to be or not to be a lefty, I will reply with “I would not have it any other way,” because although I will never read the rim quotes on the Christmas mugs as they project their holiday cheer into the abyss, I creatively find my way around things and can edit pages for the shield easier and quicker.