By Cat Kemp

With the new year starting, the biggest club on campus and designated welcomers have returned! LIFE Crew — and its six commissioners — dedicate themselves to ensuring that everyone has a safe place on campus. This years commissioners have all shared what they are looking forward to. Make sure to find any of them for help or advice :))

Sinchana Holla – My goals for the year: create a more welcoming environment with more inclusivity, have new fun activities, and make new memories!

Lily Bourne – I’m so excited to meet all the new freshmen and work with all of our amazing leaders! I hope that we can create a super welcoming environment for everyone and have another great year!

Cat Kemp – I can’t wait for another year of LIFE Crew!!! I love seeing the incoming freshmen coming out of their shells and learning about the school, and I am so grateful to be a part of that process. Additionally, I am so excited to work with a great new group of commissioners!

Chance LaVoie– I’m looking forward to working with all of our new members and meeting the new freshman class next year. 

Marina Halbert – I can’t wait to help the new class of freshmen succeed at Westmont, starting with an awesome freshmen orientation this summer. I love the community that LIFE Crew creates at Westmont and am excited to see new connections forming between upper and underclassmen in the coming year. 

Raina Shah – I am looking forward to meeting new people and helping the incoming freshmen feel more welcome.