An Ode to Ol’ Faithful

By Keira De Vita

I do not know about you, but the only faithful thing I could rely on during my Junior year was my AP US History (APUSH) textbook. Filled with knowledge –not to neglect the fabulous teaching of Christopher Mock– that textbook guided me through one of the most rigorous classes I have partaken in (although I made it difficult for myself through procrastination). Through over 120 hours of notetaking, America’s History (10th Edition) has seen me at my worst; mascara marks from the countless arm naps, the pages worn with tears, and the crinkled pages that may or may not have faced my wrath after studying for hours on end. Although it may seem like a treacherous class, it was quite a joy. Credit goes out to my APUSH textbook. I passed the class and most likely the AP exam because of it. 

Learning about history continuously sticks out as an everlasting (two year long) passion of mine. If doubt crosses a sophomore’s mind about whether to take APUSH, or a Freshman questions the ways of AP World History, send them my way. I have every guide, tip, and trick to ensure that the student of AP history classes enjoys the courses as much as I once did long ago.