Sophomore Red

By Liliana Metanovic 

Over 23 shades of red exist, but the main red we know and love is warrior red.  As most people know, at Westmont, the sophomore class is lucky enough to show off their spirit by wearing this shade of red. This school year, the class of 2026 will wear red which perfectly symbolizes the power and spirit that the class has. One of the most spirited members of the class of 2026, Matthew Moody shares what he is most excited about in the upcoming school year. He states, “I’m most excited for football season. Besides playing in the football games, I also love the ambiance of it all. Hearing people cheer and get loud in the crowd is so fun to be a part of.” If you are a member of the class of 2026 and want to get involved this year make sure to participate in activities and show off your spirit by wearing warrior red!