Youtube’s Best ASMR 

By Madeline Crowley

Whether or not you are an ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) fanatic or think it’s weird, there is no denying that the relaxing tingling effects and calming noises are the perfect method for putting you to sleep at night. Just like the trouble with choosing what to watch on TV with your family, choosing a good ASMR video can take more time than it will actually take you to fall asleep. Now, there’s no need to fret about what to watch, I have searched all over the internet and found the best channels out there. Follow my guide to the top 5 ASMR channels, each with linked video suggestions on youtube and you are guaranteed a relaxing ASMR session. 

#1. ASMR Darling 

ASMR Darling has been around on youtube for the longest time and was one of the creators which first sparked the internet popularity of ASMR. Her voice is one of the most soothing I’ve ever heard and instantly puts me to sleep. This is my favorite Darling video:

#2. Ozley ASMR 

Ozley helped introduce me to a mix of ASMR and meditation. She helps me to reflect on my day in a peaceful way while still giving me the tingles. She focuses lots on self care and reflection in her videos with what she talks about. Here’s my favorite Ozley video:

#3. Jocie B. ASMR 

Jocie has such good triggers and I especially recommend her makeover, hairbrushing, and skincare videos. This is my favorite ever Jocie video:

#4. ASMR Divinity 

This girl can make the coolest imitations of a storm and the ocean with her asmr and her videos are super long to help ensure that you will fall asleep. This is one of my favorites:

#5. Jojo’s ASMR

If you prefer the kind of ASMR channels with no talking and only triggers then Jojo is not for you, however I enjoy Jojo’s ASMR because he has so many different unique triggers. This is my favorite Jojo video: