Why I Chose to Move Across the Country 

By Raven Carthon

Since making my decision to attend the University of Florida (UF), I have been faced with one consistent question: “why?” Why did I choose to move across the country? Why do I want to be so far away from family? I wish the answer was simple, but there are so many factors to consider when choosing a school. 

My parents both went to UF and had told me so many stories my whole life about how great the campus life was. Although the environment is academically rigorous, it is also paired with many on campus activities (parties) and a space to create long-lasting friendships. Of course with this in mind, it was my top school choice. This love only grew deeper when I went to visit the campus. With its nature, beautiful campus housing, and amazing professors, what is not to love about the environment?

But then that begs the question, am I ready to be so far away from everything I know? My only answer is that I don’t know. The uncertainty makes it really scary, but also equally as exciting. I am prepared to carry on with my next adventure and see what my new life has to offer. 

If you are apprehensive about going to a university just because it is far from your family and friends, I say just take the leap and trust your instincts that you can handle yourself and your future.