(SH + SS) – SS

By Sinchana Holla

Sophie Schwarz:

I met Sophie in my freshman Biology class, and she was my savior. We went through the craziness of the class together, whether it be studying for the test at the last minute or doing the EdPuzzles together, taking turns to answer the questions. Our friendship grew stronger over the year and I got to know her as more than just a “track star.” On the topic of track, I am so proud of the hard work and dedication she’s put into the sport. It is truly paying off and I am excited to see the rest of her achievements in high school. On and off the track, she is a driven person. Moreover, I am so thankful to have the opportunity of experiencing Journalism with her. By the way, I will never miss Sophie tripping me in the hallways. I’m sad to see her leave this amazing class, but I’m excited for her to be replaced by the other Schwarz! I have had lots of fun with Sophie this year through making many new memories. I cannot wait to see what junior year has in store for us! Love you!!