Jury Duty Review

By Raven Carthon 

This just in, nice guys do not finish last! A strong example of this can be seen in Freevee’s newest show, Jury Duty. The show follows a completely fake court case, complete with actors from all kinds of backgrounds, but here is the kicker, one of them is an unsuspecting “normal” person! 

Our nice guy in question is Ronald Gladden, who is probably one of the nicest men I have ever viewed on television. Because of the actor’s purposeful absurdity, Ronald’s patience and kindness is tested throughout the show. Every move made by the actors is purposefully rehearsed to fit any situation in which Ronald might react. 

The intrigue of this show lies in the fact that even the courthouse that they are in is fake. With hidden cameras everywhere, the producers and directors can view Ronald’s behavior in order to carry out the perfect scenario for him to react to. This is seen when one of the actors crashes another’s birthday, and Ronald is left in severe distress. The producers did not anticipate this reaction, prompting them to think quickly about how to react. Their solution was to prompt the other actors to apologize for their behavior, which Ronald easily accepted. 

As the show progressed, Ronald grew genuine attachments to the people he was on the jury with, so you can imagine his surprise when he discovered that they were all actors. The actors reassured him that they did still deeply care for him, and appreciated his kindness throughout the duration of filming. 

But Ronald did not only win the hearts of those who watched him, but he also won a monetary prize of $100,000! He initially was shocked by this prize, but accepted it with open arms. Through Ronald’s endless kindness and patience, he demonstrates that nice guys DO NOT finish last.