Berkeley Bound! 

By Maddon Hoh-Choi

UC Berkeley, a staple of the Bay Area and a world-renowned institution is going to get a bit of Westmont spirit soon. 

13 students are becoming Bears this year!! Maddon Hoh Choi, Ojas Joshi, Rachel Griffith, Fionn Lister, Isabella Brady, Shirina Agrawal, Amber Gupta, George Bilionis, Evan Griffith, Shreya Madhireddy, Kira Hah, and Julia Kemp are poised to transform from young Warriors into Golden Bears!

One of our teachers, Math-focused Mary McLellan, is an alumnus of Cal, getting her degree in Mathematics in 2000. 

Several students, such as Jayden Kim, Avalon Kelly, and Nathan Huynh were offered a place but plan to attend other institutions. Jayden, has committed to Purdue because he was accepted into their veterinary program directly. Two others, Avalon Kelly and Nathan Huynh have chosen to go south to UCLA. Jacqui will be attending school across the bay, at Stanford.

We look forward to seeing the Golden Bears crush the Bruins and the Cardinal in football later this year.