By Keira De Vita

For the past… 5 years I have been friends with Marina Halbert; not the best friends that spend time together every second of the day, but friends who are always just there; someone who is there for small rants or big life achievements. The friendship I have formed with her was the result of the Rolling Hills Middle School volleyball team, which swiftly led into the Westmont volleyball team, cementing our bond as friends and love for the sport. 

The most important thing to remember about me and Marina’s friendship is to never put us on opposing teams. To say we are both competitive is to say the least; physical education (PE) and volleyball has brought out the best and worst in each of us. Putting on display a string of actions and comments you would not expect from such kind individuals; put us together… you wish you never stepped foot on our court (we work fantastically as teammates). The one flaw during the volleyball season is that we play the same position, which means that we never play on the court at the same time unless it is against each other. I think my emotion shell is tougher because of this (guys I am exaggerating so much we literally are not that competitive towards each other)

(yes we are) 

I am so extremely thankful to be friends with Marina. Besides the fact that she is annoyingly smart, she has no flaws. There is nothing else to say but thank you to the sport that brought us together!