Jules Rules!!

By Cat Kemp
Many people have influenced or inspired me in some way. However, none quite compare to my best friend, older sister, and biggest inspiration: Julia Kemp. Never failing to prove herself as the most selfless and caring person I know, Julia makes me happy every day, and I am so incredibly lucky to have her as my sister. Coming to terms with her leaving for college and not being able to see her every day has been a struggle; however, I know that she will excel at UC Berkeley due to her impressive resilience and inspiring hard work.

Julia and I have done everything together since we were babies, and although there will soon be 30 minutes separating us, I am confident we will stay in contact — although mostly just for me to ask her for advice and homework help. I can’t wait to see her continue to find herself throughout college, and become the strong amazing woman I have always known her to be.