Is Snapchat AI a Lie?

By Jacqui McLean 

If you have snapchat, you now also have a person AI. Recently, Snapchat added a “unique” feature: an AI bot that speaks to users as if it is a friend. However, after just a few days of use, Snapchat users have voiced numerous concerns about the AI, particularly in reference to the questionable responses of the AI. The following are some scenarios that have raised eyebrows among Snapchat AI users. 

1: The AI claims that it cannot see pictures, yet directly responds to images. Upon further questioning the bot claims to use context clues even for seemingly random images. Clearly, the AI CAN see photos yet for some reason claims to not have that ability. 

2: The Snapchat virtual friend also claims to not know the location of the users, yet can provide information based on the location of the user. While this is not an eerie considering many Snapchat users enable location data, the fact that the AI is programmed to lie about it is a bit nerve wracking. 

3: It is scary how humanlike the bot is. The AI is supposed to act like a friend and provide advice like a friend, but it is simply a programmed bot. Children are turning to an app for comfort and advice, giving away personal information in the process.