Ranking My Favorite Drag Queens

By Raven Carthon 

Since being introduced into the culture of drag, I have never missed a season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. During these seasons, I have cultivated a list of my favorite drag queens who really represent what drag is all about. 

  1. Rupaul 

It is only fair that we give the person who paved the way for all drag queens the top spot. With being the first socially accepted drag queen in the culture, she has made it possible for a show like Drag Race to even exist. She truly stressed the importance of making history within the cultute. 

  1. Trixie Mattel 

I, unfortunately, did not initially watch the season with Trixie’s first appearance but discovered her later on YouTube. After watching several of her makeup videos, I was immediately drawn to her hilarious demeanor. With dramatic eyeliner and crazy carved-out cheeks, Trixie made it possible for both hilarity and makeup to cross. 

  1. Katya Zamolodchikova

Can we talk about this woman’s flexibility? With her bendy skills, Katya impressed the judges of the show with her amazing tricks and lip-synching abilities. Watching her on screen is addicting, and you cannot help but stare in awe. Although her skills are amazing, her honesty and transparency are what really draw me to her personality. A chain smoker with a horrible stomach, Katya brings light and humor to what she suffers with making the audience love her even more. 

  1. Alyssa Edwards 

Southern accent, amazing dance moves, and an even crazier personality, Alyssa has made the drag industry even more entertaining than it initially was! Because of her success on Drag Race, she later was given her own show in which she taught dance to kids. As one of her fans, I of course binge watched the show and enjoyed every second. 

  1. Kim-Chi 

Kim-Chi is truly the definition of a makeup artist. With her newer makeup brand, she provides a variety of makeup blushes and unique styles for the whole drag community. She is also close friends with Trixie Mattel and their content together is some of the funniest videos on the internet.