Summer Activities

By Cynthia Andary

  1. Watch Sunset

There are some beautiful spots to go watch the sunset. If you want to have a chill summer night, head to Communication Hills or Country view to get the best view of the sky and watch as it changes. I recommend taking a blanket and some snacks to enjoy.

  1. Go Roller Skating, Bowling, or Golfing

If you are looking for fun activities that aren’t too expensive, I would definitely consider either roller skating, bowling or golfing. A roller skating place I recommend is Aloha Skate, for bowling I would go to Bowlero, and for golfing you can decide between mini golfing at Golfland or hitting some balls at Pruneridge Golf Club driving range.

  1. Go to the beach 

Although the water may be cold, Santa Cruz is a short drive away and a great place to get tan in the sun. I suggest going around one o’clock and spending the whole day there. You can start off at the beach and grab lunch; my favorite beach meal is a sandwich and chips, and stay until late to have a bonfire. You can make smores and enjoy the toasty fire.

  1. Visit the City 

San Francisco is only an hour drive from here. Why not grab some friends and make the drive to the city? There are great food places, museums, shops, and parks to hang out at. My favorite museum is the Exploratorium. There are lots of exhibits to explore and interact with. If you are feeling extra adventurous, you can even take the boat ride over to Alcatraz and explore the prison.