Movement Climbing Gyms

By Kendall Albrecht

Thrilling, diverse, and strenuous, rock climbing offers a good time and a thorough workout. Whether hoping to try something new during a one-time outing, or searching for a place to train, Movement Climbing gyms suit the needs of all skill levels, from rookies to avid climbers. Locations in both Santa Clara and Sunnyvale contain not only a plethora of climbing routes (ranging in difficulty), but a gym equipped with any machines and equipment visitors may desire, as well as a yoga studio for relaxation after a workout. Movement even offers classes for all levels in climbing and yoga, and hosts frequent community nights which encourage like-minded individuals to climb together. 

As a climber and member for many years—and once a part of Movement’s climbing team—the aspect of Movement gyms I have always cherished the most is not the lavish facilities, but the environment created by the people. Each time I visit, fellow climbers never fail to cheer me on and support those around them, and the staff is always friendly and helpful. So next time you find yourself searching for an activity to do over the weekend, stop by Movement!