Best Softball Pitchers

By Jacqui McLean 

Softball pitching is difficult, very difficult. Throwing a ball 65-70 mph UNDERHAND is a lot harder than many people expect. Despite this challenge, female softball pitchers dominate in the circle, mastering numerous pitches, and being fantastic leaders. The following pitchers are some of the best of their time. 

Megan Faraimo

Megan Faraimo is a redshirt senior pitcher for the UCLA Bruins. Faraimo has totaled 879 strikeouts during her career so far, the fourth most in Bruin history. Last year, Faraimo was named the PAC-12 pitcher of the year, among her countless other accolades. Not only does she dominate in the circle but on occasion she also bats and was the first pitcher from UCLA to both pitch and hit a home run in the same Women’s College World Series Game. 

Monica Abbott 

I have a slight bias for Monica Abbott considering she played for my current organization. Now, however, she plays professionally and for the USA team as the star pitcher. Abbott is frequently regarded as the fastest women’s softball pitcher of all time, able to pitch at 77 mph. During her college career with the Lady Vols, Monica Abbott pitched in 1448 innings and racked-up 2440 strikeouts. Despite her career coming to an end, Monica Abbott will forever be remembered by the softball community. 

Rachel Garcia

Rachel Garcia, the former pitcher for the UCLA Bruins is quite a celebrity in the pitching community. As a four-time All-American pitcher, Garcia led the Bruins both offensively and defensively. Her incredible performance contributed to the Bruins 2019 Women’s College World Series Championship victory. In her professional Athletes Unlimited career, Garcia currently has 28 shutouts with 996 strikeouts in 749 innings. Now, while balancing her professional career Garcia now coaches for San Diego State. 

Montana Fouts 

Montana Fouts, the former All-American softball pitcher for Alabama, has accomplished some incredible feats during her college pitching career. Her most notable career achievement was when she pitched a perfect game (an incredible rare achievement where no batter gets on base) against UCLA during the 2021 Women’s College World Series. Overall, she has amassed 568 strikeouts with an ERA (earned run average) of 1.68.