Take a Hike

By Isabel Kikoshima

If you want a fun activity to do with your friends or feel a little stressed, try hiking. Hiking is a completely costfree activity, which can prove difficult to find. With a variety of health benefits, hiking can improve cardiovascular fitness. Surrounding yourself in nature can increase your serotonin levels and overall happiness. 

Likewise, a variety of trails surround Campbell and are a short drive away. I would recommend the hikes at Rancho San Antonio and St. Joseph’s in Los Gatos. These hikes are both calming and showcase the beautiful scenery of California. Trying out new hikes is an excellent and fun way to explore different areas. In Yosemite for instance, the Mist Trail goes throughout the National Park and the nearby waterfall sprays you with water while walking. Exploring the trails of California and even those close to Campbell are a fun activity to try with your friends and family. 

Whether to improve mindfulness or explore a new area, hiking is the perfect activity to unplug and take a break. Hiking has numerous benefits on physical health, but also on mental health. Taking a walk in nature can decrease stress and allow you to explore California. Truly, everyone needs to take a hike.