Magnificent Meditation

By Cat Kemp

Although commonly imagined to only be practiced by old people and hippies, meditation should be implemented into everyone’s daily life. A series of mental and physical techniques allow meditation to provide a clear mind due to a shift in awareness. Often, it is reported that after meditation a sense of calm and peace arrives. Especially helpful for overthinkers, meditation permits a person to recognize that they are separate from their thoughts and feelings; therefore enabling them to release their worries and create a calm sense of mind. 

To hear about the effects of meditation on the population of Westmont, Co-President of Club Med, Anjali Nayak, shares her experiences with meditation. “I love meditation,” she states, “it has really allowed me to change my perspective of life.” She shared that being a part of Club Med at Westmont led by Adrian Sessions allowed her to grow her understanding of the practice and learn the fundamentals to begin her meditation journey.