How To Overcome Beginner Gym Anxiety

By Jen Mejia

Going to the gym is fun since it allows you to feel good while also working on yourself. Except that when you first start, you notice that all eyes are on you, and your anxiety about being judged for not understanding how to handle a machine grows. You appear to battle with fear about injuring yourself in addition to thinking about others. Individuals are often discouraged by the thought that everything may go wrong. Anxiety comes when one considers all of the bad possibilities: criticism, injury, and insecurity. Being terrified is quite natural for a rookie, so recognizing the experience and realizing that many people feel the same way is the first step toward conquering anxiety.  By concentrating on yourself, you will forget about everything around you. Here’s how you get over your beginning gym anxiety. 

Injury: The purpose of the gym is to become healthier and fitter, not to become hurt. To avoid injuries, it is essential to begin slowly and simply. Stretch before and after your exercises. It is also critical to begin lightly. A person’s strength is not innate; it is developed over time. In addition, if you don’t know how to use the machine, there are lots of YouTube videos and stickers on the machine. Lastly, ask for assistance; the staff are there to assist, and the individuals surrounding you are occasionally willing to help out.

Criticism: Most gym fears are caused by insecurity and a fear of being judged by others. It is critical to recognize that the overwhelming majority of those in the gym are primarily concerned with improving their own physical lives rather than those of others, which means they are most likely not paying attention to you. These folks who appear large and strong are actual people who did not look like that when they first started attending the gym. It is critical to remember that everyone begins as a novice.

Insecurity: There are also many ways to build confidence. One major tip is to go during non-peak hours. Being inside a gym with not a lot of people gives individuals freedom.  If for some reason it does seem busy when you are there go inside the studio rooms—start off easy