Appetizing Artichoke Dip

By Amelia Lipcsei

Delicious and creamy, artichoke dip continuously ranks (in my humble opinion) in the top three best appetizers. With smooth flavors that blend together seamlessly, the dip is delicious both cold and warm. However, nothing can beat a fresh warm dish of artichoke dip. Personally, I think that this dip is severely underrated. I almost never buy it when looking for dips; however, as an appetizer at a restaurant, the dish becomes top tier. Gooey, warm, and fresh out of the oven, the dip serves as the perfect snack. If you’re planning on giving the delicious dip a taste, I highly recommend trying the artichoke dip from Willow Street Pizza. They serve it  fresh and warm, with the perfect blend of flavors; it exists as a top tier appetizer dish.