Destiny Nunes

By Jacqui McLean 

Destiny Nunes is a freshman here at Westmont. During her first year, Destiny has become an active member of the Westmont community. She has participated in sports and made new friends. In her following years at Westmont, Destiny hopes to become even more involved and connected. Destiny is an incredibly thoughtful and benevolent individual. The following questions will help you get to know Destiny a bit better.  

What activities/sports do you do at Westmont?

I am doing tennis and softball at Westmont.

What do you enjoy about each of these activities?

I enjoy tennis because I get to play competitively with my friends and learn more during each practice/game. At first, I only joined softball because my dad wanted me to try out. But I have grown to like it, the people and the sport. I enjoy learning more and more about softball and can’t wait for whatever comes next!

What are some of your hobbies/things you enjoy doing outside of school or in your free time?

I enjoy hanging out with friends and going to get boba or go to the mall. Whenever I see the little kids at the mall on the carousel, I would always drag my friends to get change for them so that they can enjoy it and have more fun. I also enjoy doing other things like drawing!

Favorite thing about Westmont?

My favorite thing about Westmont would most likely be the people. When I first joined softball, I was really scared because the girls looked intimidating. After a little while, I came out of my box and introduced myself to some of the girls and they were all really nice and supportive!

Anything else interesting about yourself you want to share?

I am a foster kid and have been since I was about 7 years old!