You Can Count on Carina!

By Emily Burich

Bright, bubbly, and buoyant—Carina German spreads positivity and happiness every she goes.   As a multi-sport athlete at Westmont, Carina is heavily involved in school activities.  She’s on the water polo, basketball, and swim team.  Carina is also an executive board member of LIFE Crew, a club that welcomes freshman on campus.  Whether she’s a teammate, classmate, and friend, you can definitely count on Carina!

Here are some questions to get to know Carina better:

How long have you been swimming?

“I’ve been swimming for about 10-12 years.”

Favorite swimming stroke/style?

“My favorite stroke is freestyle.”

What is your favorite part of being on the swim team at Westmont?

“My favorite part of being on the swim team at Westmont is the community feel at meets when we’re all racing together to help earn points and win!”

Who is a professional swimmer you look up to, and why? 

“A professional swimmer I look up to is Caeleb Dressel because he is hardworking and extremely fast at freestyle.”

Funniest moment/memory from the season so far?

“One of the funniest moments from the season so far was all of us swimmers having a good laugh during a diving drill at a recent practice.”