High School Drama is Overrated

By Larena Tannert

Please, why does everyone have to get mad about the smallest of conflicts? High school drama is a nightmare. Every way you turn in the hallway someone is crying, people are arguing and feelings are being hurt. Friend groups split up left and right over ridiculous things, because people are too immature to solve their problem. So many people lose good friends in high school over issues that can simply be talked out and moved past. Additionally, high schoolers love to talk about people behind their backs, which is really dumb because the person will always find out. Even better is when people insult their “friends” right in front of them. Like really, what are you doing? Communication is non-existent in high school drama. No one wants to talk about their issues, so problems get bottled up until they finally explode and destroy friendships. A large amount of high school drama can easily be avoided by talking about the issue, which absolutely zero people do. Ignoring the issue will not fix it! The massive lack of communication is one of the main reasons high school drama is so overrated. Losing friends over a misunderstanding and then telling everyone else about it is a horrible way to handle the problem, yet it is extremely common in high school. While friend drama may be the worst form of high school drama, relationship drama is a close second. Boyfriend stealing, messy breakups, toxic relationships and the excessive pda is all so unnecessary. The entire school does not need to know about every issue in your relationship. Jealousy and trust issues make up the foundation of high school relationships, which causes even more drama. People love to make a big deal out of high school drama, but it really is not that important. Such a small miscommunication or worry quickly turns into a huge mess that everyone knows about, and it can break friendships or relationships that could have lasted a long time. Overall, high schoolers love to blow up drama that could easily be avoided with some basic communication. Everyone enjoys hyping up the drama, spreading it around on social media and making such a huge mess of the situation, rather than letting everything go and putting it in the past.