Diamonds in the Rough 

Lauren Marino and Rachel Walker 

With ten seniors, the softball team is off to a hot start. After making CCS the last three years, the team is going for gold. With their close bond, the girls have a great shot of finally earning the rings they deserve.  Loyal throwing partners and seniors Bella Andrade and Caitlin Sredanovich were interviewed to give a sneak peak on what to expect for the upcoming season. 

Bella Andrade and Caitlin Sredanovich speak for the whole team when they express their excitement for the season. In particular, the two are looking forward to celebrating their senior year with their senior teammates. Despite the challenges of consistency and staying healthy, fans should expect the softball team to have a good season and have a good shot at winning league. Bella and Caitlin give insight on the team’s pre-game ritual. Before the game the whole team huddles around the on deck circle and draws the team’s name in the dirt. Then, the team all spits into the middle of the circle, and Bella stomps in the middle. A fun fact about the team has all played for the Campbell Fastpitch Organization, with most of the girls playing on the same team together for at least 10 years. Bella and Caitlin both expressed their love for the uniforms saying, “the black uniform is the best.” With the season just starting, there are many opportunities to watch the team play. For updates and the schedule, you can follow the Westmont softball Instagram @westmont_softball.