The Murders of Tupac and Biggie

By Collin Murray

After decades of investigations, media coverage, and documentaries, two of the most prolific murders of the 1990s, Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls (Christopher Wallace), have never been solved and nobody has been charged in either case. Former LAPD detective Greg Kading has theories surrounding each murder, but unfortunately nothing can be done about either case. 

Kading is quoted saying, “Orlando Anderson is positively the person who murdered Tupac Shakur”. Sean Combs, AKA Puff Diddy, had associations in New York with a known drug dealer named Eric Martin, or Zip. Zip’s supplier, a west coast Crip by the name of Duane Keith Davis, known as Keefe D, happened to be the uncle of the aforementioned Orlando Anderson. “So you’ve got Combs, Martin, Keefe D, who was also in that white Cadillac and had secured the gun and gave it to his nephew who shot and killed Tupac”. There are speculations over Combs putting out a hit on Tupac, but there is a general consensus that Anderson killed Tupac over a fight that broke out between Tupac, Tupac’s crew, and Anderson at a boxing match. Unfortunately, Orlando Andrson was shot and killed in 1998 attempting to collect a drug debt and was therefore unchargeable.

As for Biggie Smalls, it is a well-known fact he was killed by an associate of Death Row Records executive Suge Knight. Knight hired a known gunman and Blood gang member Wardell Fouse, AKA Poochie. Fouse was to track down Biggie at the Peterson Auto Museum in 1997, and wait for him outside. Poochie pulled up next to Biggie’s entourage at a red light in a Chevy Impala SS, and fired, hitting Biggie four times and killing him. Once again, once this information was gathered by a co-conspirator, Poochie had already been killed in 2002, rendering him unchargeable, much like Anderson. 

Tupac was 25 and Biggie was 24.