Missing Happiness and Love 

By Jen Mejia

J. Cole is a well-known rapper who has written songs on drug usage, money, racism, poverty, and other issues. J. Cole released his most streamed album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, in 2014, and it is his greatest so far. The album is named after a house where J. Cole resided, and it covers key events in J. Cole’s life. The best song on that album has to be “Love Yourz.” It is a song that many listen to in the deepest times of their lives but could be listened to on the best day of their life. It starts off with the chorus which repeatedly states:

No such thing as a life that’s better than yours

J. Cole highlights the importance of being content with your own personal existence. Our life as humans is not about being the most successful or wealthy people, but about developing relationships with others in this world; success is nothing if you don’t have those relationships or people that love and support you. Happiness can lead to success, but success does not always lead to happiness.

For what’s money without happiness? 

Or hard times without the people you love?

Though I’m not sure what’s ‘about to happen next

I ask for strength from the Lord (Man) up above

Hard times without people you love

J. Cole stated in an interview that while working his path to stardom, he lost the relationships he had with individuals previous to his achievement. That helped him understand that it is the connections, people, and tiny things that genuinely bring him happiness. There is always someone or something greater than you in life. The only thing you can truly do at the moment is accept and don’t base your happiness on someone else’s personal successes, well-being, and overall life.