Curvy Girl Fashion 

More often than not, it is a very taxing process for curvy girls to find fashion pieces that best suit their body type. For us curvy girls, all we strive for is to feel confident in the pieces of clothing we choose to adorn our wardrobes with. Here are some of my favorite places to get clothes that suit all types of people, especially curvy girls! 

  1. H&M 

Located in most malls, H&M holds many pieces of affordable clothing that suit curvy girls the most. I am especially fond of their solid-colored cropped tees. They are very stretchy and can go with any outfit that you plan. I am deeply obsessed with my black top that I only got for ten dollars! 

  1. Target 

Everyone loves Target for their basic snack needs, but it is also the perfect place for clothes! Very size-inclusive, Target is perfect for finding cute sweaters and dresses at a somewhat affordable price. Although their prices of clothing have increased, can you really buy the value of inclusivity? 

  1. Torrid 

Although Torrid receives a bad rap, they have some amazing selections for any event. Many of their pieces come in a wide range of styles along with sizes. Some of my homecoming dress options were from Torrid, so I can confirm that it is a perfect fit for us curvy girls.